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If there’s one thing I can attribute my business success to, it’s attending live events.

For example, attending events is how I’ve been able to quickly and easily:

checkmarkmeet new collaboration partners
checkmarkattract new clients
checkmarkget on the radar of event hosts to later partner with
checkmarkget valuable name and face recognitioncheckmarkhear fabulous contentcheckmarksee first-hand how others hosted (and profited!) from their eventscheckmarkcreate joint venture interview opportunities
checkmarkbe invited to speak for others’ events
checkmarkmeet new mentors
checkmarkexpand my consciousness of what’s possiblecheckmarkget new ideas for growing my businesscheckmarkget inspiration for new programs, services and productscheckmarkearn important new skillscheckmark…the list of benefits keeps multiplying!

I remember my first event, and not only how scared I was to attend, but how scared I was to be investing in myself.

Back then, the ticket price was nearly $2,500 and when I figured in the travel costs, it added up to more money than I could comfortably spare.

I seriously asked myself if I was really going to invest “that much” into myself.

And then the truth hit me.

And I intuitively knew that in order to grow, you have to go!

Meaning, you have to get out from behind your computer and be willing to jump into the environment where the information, the people and the opportunities are present in abundance.

I knew attending was going to be inconvenient and was going to push my comfort zone in a big way.

But I also knew that it was exactly what I needed to give me a kick in the pants forward in my business.

It paid off, too. From that first little event I attended I met another attendee who eventually became a client for 2 years and more than $30,000 in revenue. I also met my future mentor, live. I collaborated with two other participants over the years to help build my list. I learned skills that I use to this day in my business.

And for the first time, I saw someone create a 6-figure payday from offering just one program at the event, which radically shifted my idea of how much a coach could make.

Which is why I’m sharing with you 3 simple tips to help you get out of hiding, get some much-needed visibility and build your business by attending live events.

Tip #1: Get Clear On Why You Are Attending
Before reserving my ticket for an event I always create a list of my top 3 reasons for why I’m attending.

For example, it may be just to meet the event host and get on their radar so I can comfortably approach them after the event about a collaborating on a list-building project.

Or it may be to build up my list of contacts for teleseminar and telesummit interviews.

When it comes to the promised content, I look for one thing that makes me say, “I need to know that” rather than worrying that all of the content needs to apply to me and my business. I’ve walked away from many events with just one new idea that completely transformed my income and my business!

Tip #2: Plan Your Visibility Strategy 

You don’t have to be a networking queen to make amazing connections at an event, but you do need to be visible.

I make it a point to meet 5 new people at every event. And I take the time to get to know them, what their business is about and to pass on a referral if at all possible.

I recommend sitting next to people you don’t know during the event and inviting others to have lunch with you.

When you’re standing in the lobby, waiting for the event doors to open, don’t be shy about walking up to someone and introducing yourself. If you’re curious, open and friendly you’ll quickly make a new friend.

I also make sure to ask a question at the microphone at every event I attend. This is the best way to be seen by the event host and to say your name to the entire audience. Just be sure to speak slowly and please, don’t turn your Q&A moment into a marketing commercial!

Tip #3: It’s True That The Fortune Is In The Follow Up
Events are often high on energy and short on time to have an in-depth conversation. Take the initiative to follow up with the contacts you make right after the event. This way, you’re more likely to be top of mind and remembered by the person you’re following up with. And always have a clear goal as to why you’re following up.

Unlike Watching Live Stream Replays At Home, Attending Live Events Can Help You Build Your List And Increase Your Opportunities For Years To Come!

Kendall SummerHawk

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