Five Simple Steps to Magnetize People to Your Message & Build a Community


Oh the WONDERS of modern technology!! When your message can be heard around the world you have the ability to have an enormous impact and to create far reaching change that simply wasn’t possible for the average person just a few short decades ago! With the advent of the internet we have truly become one planet and one global family.

It’s such a blessing to be able to reach people and build a list of followers who look to you for leadership and inspiration! The very best way that I have found to do that is by SPEAKING and sharing your message.

Virtual Speaking is a relatively new industry and it actually DEPENDS on lists that have been built by others which become the pool from which clients and customers are able to be attracted.

A virtual speaker is someone who speaks on teleseminars, webinars, telesummits and internet based radio or even tv shows.   To be effective as a virtual speaker you need to have a few things in place – one of those things of course is a list of your own!

Here are 5 simple steps you can use as you set up your own virtual speaking business so that you can BE HEARD by Millions, Make a Difference and Make Money with your Message by building a list that BUYS from you!


If you don’t have a clear message you will have difficulty attracting people to your list – people need to understand who you are, what you do and most importantly how you can help them. If you can – distill your message into the shortest possible amount of words and then from there BUILD everything that you create on that distinct message. Here’s mine as an example:

I empower visionary entrepreneurs to be clear with their message so they can be heard by millions and make money while making a difference.

You can tell just from the tone of this article that I’m congruent with my more distilled message. This is how clear you need to be in order to effectively serve and build a list of people who are interested in what it is you are offering.


What this means is that you want to find a unique place for yourself to take a stand in the marketplace.

If you are a healer you can’t just say you are a healer because then you are swimming around in what I call the “pool of professionals” with all the other healers. In the “pool of professionals” you are just another healer among many and it’s very hard for people to differentiate you from anyone else and it’s even more challenging for you to generate high levels of income.

The same is true for accountants or teachers or anyone else who is ‘just a……(Fill in the blank). When you EXPERTIFY (and yes that’s a made up word – I love making up words!) you are taking a place in the market that NO ONE ELSE is – so for example I actually AM a healer and I’m also a visionary business woman and conscious entrepreneur and an artist and all kinds of other things too.

When you EXPERTIFY you want to find an UMBRELLA under which all your skills fall and where you can show up in a way that no one else does. I’m the EMPRESS OF EMPOWERMENT and Empowered Messenger Master Mentor.

That’s my expert title. When I am in “business mode” that’s what I say to people that allows them to either look at me and say “Now THAT’s who I want to work with” or to look at me and say “What are you TALKING about?” (meaning they probably don’t get it and never will so I won’t waste my time trying to make them get it!)

Step 3 – Art of the ASK

You must now learn to MASTER the ART OF THE ASK! To build an effective list with your message you are going to be having to ASK A LOT!! Here are some of the things you are going to need to ask for when you are building your virtual speaking business and your list:

  1. Ask for opportunities to speak
  2. Ask for people to come to listen to your talk by preparing copy for your host to use to invite listeners
  3. Ask for the listeners to come on over to an opt-in page
  4. Ask for the listeners to exchange their email address for a special gift or piece of information you’ve provided
  5. Ask for feedback on your talk or on the special gift to keep people ENGAGED with you
  6. Ask for MONEY!! (don’t forget this part!! – you want to build a list YES!! You want to give that list great content YES!! And you absolutely want to TRAIN THAT LIST to BUY FROM YOU YES !!!)


Step 4 – Ready Your Back Office with a Back office that has your Back!

Make sure that before you begin the process of building a list that you have prepared yourself with a place for all those people to go – you definitely want to have an AUTOMATED contact system – no more boxes of business cards for you – we live in the digital age – and there are a ton of awesome automated systems available some even with e-commerce (also known as a shopping cart) attached.

Even if you are just starting out I highly recommend getting a contact system with a shopping cart – because it’s really a pain to move people from one system to another as you grow.

Be sure that you are in compliance with CAN SPAM laws and that people are opting in properly and then use that contact management system REGULARLY to stay in touch and engaged with your list! Send them stuff!!

Free stuff and PAID OFFERS!! Don’t hesitate to ask regularly for money – you are not setting up all this technology and sharing your message regularly by speaking just for giggles – you want gazillions of dollars to come in to and through your business too! Gazillions!

Step 5 – Design Your Deliverables to fulfill Your List’s Desires and Delight in the Dollars

with your Virtual speaking business you can have a lot of fun putting together amazing talks to share with audiences around the world as well as an endless variety of audio products, high-end coaching programs, experiential virtual retreats and all kinds of content that will FEED YOUR LIST – feeding the list with great compelling content is one of the keys to consistent cash flow!

The only limit is your imagination. Some people come up with ONE THING and just offer that again and again and again – and if you find a space in the market where there is a need to fill that you can uniquely serve you can make hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars serving that need.

Some people (myself included!) have a more “creative” urge to fulfill and so create multiple options for people to consume in exchange for cash.

Building your list around fulfilling the needs and desires of the people you are serving with deliverables that get AWESOME results is a great way to serve your purpose and your pocketbook.

Now I challenge you to get on your way to building a virtual speaking business so that you can WORK THAT MESSAGE, BUILD THAT LIST and MAKE MONEY while Making a DIFFERENCE too!


Article by: Amethyst Wyldfyre – visit her at

Amethyst Wyldfyre

Amethyst Wyldfyre ‰ÛÒ The Empowered Messenger Master Mentor is an internationally known spiritual leader who DELIGHTS in serving visionary entrepreneurs and global change agents to prepare internally as well as practically to Be Heard By Millions and Make Money while making a Difference! Visit her at Feel funny about making money with your message? Then you may enjoy her Money Magic & Miracles Clarity Course which can be found here:

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