What a Target Market Can Do For You That a Coaching Niche Can’t

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Coaches often ask me: Why is targeting a coaching market more effective than marketing a coaching niche?

In a nutshell, coaches who target a market do more of what they love, are paid better, and have no limits on their income. Whereas, coaches who try to market their coaching niche generally have difficulty getting enough clients, keeping them for the long term, and charging enough to maintain a sustainable business.

When it comes to attracting clients, most coaches focus on the what – what topic they want to coach around – and try to sell that. Business savvy coaches instead focus on a who – a group of people who share unique challenges and goals, like bookstore owners or virtual assistants – a target market.

(If you’re not clear on the difference between a coaching niche and a target market, see my post on that.)

I understand the appeal of choosing a coaching niche. It feels safe to know in advance the topics you’re going to coach around – things like transition or balance. Or you might choose a niche based on a desire to help others through similar life experiences – like divorce coaching or grief coaching.

In some cases you can find advanced training on that coaching skillset – such as relationship or career coaching. And if you have significant expertise in a saleable skill, marketing that skillmight work for you.

But I’ve talked with hundreds of coaches who have tried selling a particular coaching niche, andfewer than a handful have pulled it off for long-term success.

Often they end up coaching friends and family for free, or for fees that won’t sustain them. They have cyclical results and never really feel the ease and grace of a solid coaching business.

On the other hand, I’ve seen the utter relief coaches feel when they let go of the niche approach and focus on one viable target market. They no longer feel like a fraud (not that they ever werea fraud). Suddenly, coaching and marketing are in alignment – because they are both client centric.

And the advantages don’t end there. Ultimately, targeting one coaching market brings a freedom that blows the lid off the income ceiling fast. Here is why…

20 Undeniable Advantages of Target Marketing

  1. It’s not about you, it’s about your clients – and that’s a relief.
  2. It’s easy to find out what makes them tick because it’s a narrow and unique group of people.
  3. You know what they are motivated to buy and can tailor make your offers to fit that.
  4. It’s easier to talk about what you do, win clients and get referrals.
  5. Your services are perceived as essential whereas most niche related coaching seems like a luxury.
  6. Prospects are easier to find. You know where they gather, what they read, what professional groups they belong to.
  7. So you know where your next clients are coming from.
  8. Clients will work with you for longer periods because there’s all of life to coach around instead of just one topic.
  9. It’s simple to stay in front of prospects because you know where to submit articles, where to speak, what topics will draw your market.
  10. You always know what to do next. No more overwhelm.
  11. It’s easy to impress spheres of influence (organizations, groups) that will endorse you.
  12. You saturate your market with awareness about you quickly. With a coaching niche you’re spread too thin to build enough visibility.
  13. It’s easy to create & sell your own products and programs because they are based on one market’s top challenges.
  14. You can get off the money for time treadmill by creating bundled programs that require less of your time to deliver.
  15. Your competition is eliminated or greatly reduced.
  16. You become the go-to person for that market. You stand out.
  17. You can charge higher fees because you “own” the market.
  18. You market less because you build credibility and visibility faster.
  19. You get better results with clients because you champion them not a topic.
  20. You develop more coaching mastery, because you are using all your tools, not just your specialty.

Wow! Why not give yourself all these advantages? If you need expert help to choose the best market for you, I’m game. Check out my Your Ideal Coaching Market Program, and get a solid foundation for your success.

Rhonda Hess

Rhonda Hess is an internationally recognized business mentor and the Founder of Prosperous Coachå¨. Rhonda has a genius for helping coaches choose and champion a highly profitable niche so they can coach more, market less and blow the lid off their income. Grab Rhonda's free ecourse now: 5 Secrets No One Ever Told You About Your Coaching Niche and join the conversations on her blog - http://prosperouscoach.com

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