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Title: Wevinar Training – how to sell with webinars
Location: Virtual – Online
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Description: Here’s something to think about.

What if a “no-worries” income was simply about implementing
a repeatable process,–not some deep dark secret
or lucky occurrence?

What if, instead of constantly trying to create new products
and programs, you could just effortlessly sell what
you already have over and over?

Once I learned how to stop re-inventing the wheel and
create ongoing sales of the programs my clients
love, my business soared and my income became
very consistent.

Every successful online business owner I know does
the same.

So what is one of the best ways to generate ongoing sales
of your products and programs?


Webinars are an income generating powerhouse. They
are much more effective than tele-classes and they
give you an opportunity to offer a real high value, interactive and
educational experience to your prospects while generating as
much as 5 figures in new sales per month.

My colleague, Janis Pettit, a mentor to hundreds of
successful online business owners, has asked me to invite
you to the (free) “premier” of her newest webinar training

Webinar Sales Success Secrets: How You Can Create and Market

Webinars that Generate New Monthly Subscribers and Sales
February 27th at 5 PM Eastern
Register now to get access to this training.
For the first time she will show you:

• the 3 Huge Business Problems that keep online business owners
from making enough money and how Webinars will eliminate them
• The 7 Mistakes you must avoid if you want to succeed with webinars
• The 2 biggest keys to dramatically increasing your webinar registrations
• Specific case studies: 3 top online Entrepreneurs give you an inside
look at their webinar success
• What and how to sell on a webinar
• Her ENTIRE 7 Step Webinar Sales Success System– it can double Your
Income using Webinars, including
o What you must decide upfront that will determine your success
o My inside secrets for creating a webinar that will “wow” your audience
o Top Tips for Selling Successfully with Webinars
o How to keep delivering one Webinar and create ongoing monthly sales

She’s even including SPECIFIC action steps you can take during the training.

Plus you’ll get a downloadable handout to help you remember
the whole system.

Take 2 seconds to register now so you don’t miss this business
changing training.

Date: 02/27/2013
Start Time: 5:00(EST)

Mike Rafati

A. Mike Rafati specializes in coaching and mentoring conscious individuals and heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to follow their dreams and create successful businesses that are aligned with their passion and purpose, helping them to make money doing what they love, create a fulfilling life, and make a greater impact in the lives of others. For more information visit:

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