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Have you ever wondered…

How to design a website that will attract your specific target market?

What guidelines to use to come up with a great domain name?

What is the best platform to use for your website?

What is essential on the homepage?

and what search engines strategies to use for maximum visibility?

To learn what’s needed to develop a client attracting website, I interviewed Sarit Lotem

About Sarit:

Sarit Lotem is the owner and founder of Sarit is an expert website and graphic designer for small businesses. She helps manifest small business owners’ visions into an online presence.
In addition to designing websites, Sarit also teaches business owners in a step-by-step fashion, how to create a website that really works by themselves. Sarit Lotem lives in New Jersey, USA

Interview Summary:

First mistake that most entrepreneurs do is that they start by creating a website, but soon they realize that there is no traffic. They first thing entrepreneurs must do is to decide who is their target market.

The way you design your website to sell products is different than selling coaching or any other business. Therefore you must design your website based on your client’s needs, set the mood for them, and show your clients that you understand their problem and are the answer for their problem.

Tip #1: define your target market.

Tip #2: Choose a simple and memorable domain name

After defining your target market, you must decide on your domain name. It is important to choose a domain name that is simple, make sense, and memorable. Try to use key words in your domain name, people search online and keywords help them to find your business.

Always choose .com domain names and don’t use any special characters in your domain name.

Tip #3: Choose the right platform for your website.

Color scheme is also important, for example green may work for Yoga teachers, gray works for jewelry and color red make people hungry, so color can play a great role in your business.

Tip #4: Choosing the right platform is very important.

There are 3 ways to create your website

  1. Using a content management system like WordPress
  2. Using a template based system like weebly or yahoo business
  3. Hiring a developer to write HTML code

WordPress is very powerful and it will let you customize and update your website.

Other template based websites are OK, but it is difficult to optimize them so it is better to use WordPress if you are serious about your business.

Writing code is very expensive and it is not the best option for small business owners.

Tip #4: Branding is important

  1. It is important to show your clients why they should work with you instead of your competition. You must give them a reason to work with you or come back to your website.

  2. Part of branding is your logo, you must have your logo on your website, facebook page, twitter and…

  3. Also, make sure your contact information is all over your website

  4. Finally, you must have an opt in page on your page so your clients can sign up and give you their name and email address. When they sign up on your site, they are telling you that they want to be on your site and you can send them information.

Tip #5: Simple traffic options

  1. Optimize: search your keywords for each page, think about what your clients will search for, then you need to implement those keywords on your pages.

Look for what other people are looking for or what they are saying online and then include those question and answers on your website

Go to forums and answer people’s questions

  1. Add a blog and provide fresh information, Google searches for fresh new ideas. Good information creates traffic.
  2. Make sure everything you do on your website is targeted to your target market. Always think about your target market and what they need.

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Dan Ariely – The Upside of Irrationality: The Unexpected Benefits of Defying Logic

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