Time Secrets of 6-figure Entrepreneurs


My workshop participants always ask me, “Kendall, how do you spend your time? Tell me what a typical day looks like for you?”

No matter how much you may believe in abundance, time is the one resource that is non-renewable. Every moment is precious and once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. Which is why the biggest shift you can make to grow your business is to get a handle on how you spend your time.

Most women entrepreneurs waste tons of time on tasks that don’t add to their bottom line and only serve to deplete their energy.


Fear of:

creating boundaries
someone feeling uncomfortable
saying no
being visible
failing (or succeeding!)
not being good enough
being too busy
what others will say

The bottom line is, these are all excuses or distractions to keep you from taking a powerful leap forward.

Which is why I’m sharing my personal favorite 6-figure time secrets with you. These are also the same secrets I use today to run a multi 7-figure business. By implementing even just a few of these strategies you’ll see a remarkable up-leveling in your energy, your sense of freedom and in how much you easily get accomplished every day.


  • Hire someone to run errands, clean your house and do your laundry.
    Trust me, even if you feel a little guilty at first (I know I did the first time I saw someone folding my under things!) you’ll thank me once you’re freed up from routine tasks that are so easy to have someone else take care of for you.
  • Delegate email to an assistant.
    This was the first task I hired a virtual assistant to do and it saved me hours every week. Remember, you can’t be both the assistant to your business and its leader!
  • Schedule specific times each day to respond to email.
    I allocate 15 minutes in the morning and another 30 in the afternoon. As a result my in box has less than 50 emails in it and often much less!
  • Give up your to-do list. Seriously!
    I schedule all of my projects and activities into my calendar, just like appointments. This one action helped get me ahead on my projects!
  • Use time-blocking to free UP your time and give you focus.
    Schedule regular tasks such as writing your ezine, serving clients, giving Discovery sessions, paying bills, etc. for the same days of the week, from week to week. Just watch out for any “I can’t because…” excuses, as they are a clear indicator of where you need clearer boundaries.
  • Create a weekly marketing action list so you know your priorities.
    Deciding in advance how many contacts you’ll make and how often will keep you from procrastinating on the tasks that will ultimately add the most cash flow to your business.
  • Turn your cell phone and email ringers off during focused time.
    Trust me, the world WILL continue to run even though you may be offline for an hour or two. And you’ll be happily surprised at the peace of mind and freedom you gain from this one simple action.
  • Designate your mornings for marketing.
    Investing just 60 minutes each morning creates the momentum you need to increase your income. Time spent reaching out to one new potential joint venture partner, writing a thank you note to someone you just met, writing a promotional email, placing a call requesting a speaking opportunity … and more … is a great investment in your business.
  • Get accountable to a coach or a colleague who won’t let you slide.
    Imagine telling someone every day what you’re going to accomplish and by when. Enough said.
  • Be aware of when others’ priorities are colliding with yours.
    Whether you need to create a “do not disturb” sign for your door or get a sitter for your kids during work hours, what’s critical is to realize that growing your business serves your family and serves the people you’re meant to help.

Kendall SummerHawk


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