Three keys to engaging your whole self in a profitable 2013


If you’ve resolved to stop under-earning in 2013, my hat is off to you. Making that decision is huge. And I believe that you can live up to your resolution, provided you do three things.

First, I have a request. As you read, sit with each of these keys and ponder what putting them into action would look like. Let each one settle into your heart and mind. Into your bones.

Because when you internalize and apply these principles, they can make a powerful difference, not just in profitability, but in joy.

#1. Choose profitability

It’s one thing to make a resolution; it’s another to make an informed choice. When you choose, you are saying, “This, not that.”

Yup. When you choose, you are saying yes to some things and no to others. Here are some of the things you need to say no to in order to choose profitability.

The No List

  • Being in a money fog.
  • Confusing feelings with facts.
  • Separating your spirituality from your business.
  • Believing that you have to overwork or shut down emotionally in order to succeed.
  • Playing small.
  • Under-earning.

And here’s what you need to say yes to.

The Yes List

  • Being conscious and accountable about money.
  • Working on your stuff so you can show up for yourself, your clients, and your biz.
  • Integrating heart and spirit with business.
  • Consistent, supportive structures that keep you sane and productive.
  • Being visible. Letting your light shine.
  • Earning a truly comfortable living.

Now you know what it takes to choose. On to the second key to bringing your whole being to a profitable 2013.

#2. Do one small thing every day to grow your biz

Do one thing every day that will contribute to profitability. Write a blog post. Return a phone call. Work on your Web site.

Whatever you do, keep it small. Binge working doesn’t make you profitable because it doesn’t generate momentum. But you’ll be amazed and delighted at how your confidence grows when you show up for yourself and your business in a small way each day.

Bonus tip: Choose, declare, report, repeat

You’ll get 10 times the benefit of small daily actions when you:

* Choose a specific, time limited action.
* Declare it to someone else. (Email works fine.)
* Report on what you did.
* Repeat the cycle each day.

I can’t tell you how powerful that formula is. It’s added thousands to my bottom line while making life simpler and work clearer.

#3. Embrace your stuff

There’s nothing like choosing profitability to stir up your stuff. Money stuff. Relationship stuff. Self worth stuff. Whatever your stuff is, you can count on it coming up on a regular basis.

Embrace it. Not only is your stuff not a problem, it is the solution to becoming profitable. When you work on your stuff while tending to business, you dissolve blocks and limiting beliefs, create new neural pathways, and build resilience.

Making a profit becomes part of your commitment to ongoing growth and transformation.

Three little things

Make a choice. Do something small every day. Embrace your stuff. If you consistently do these, you will be significantly more profitable in 2013.

Mike Rafati

A. Mike Rafati specializes in coaching and mentoring conscious individuals and heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to follow their dreams and create successful businesses that are aligned with their passion and purpose, helping them to make money doing what they love, create a fulfilling life, and make a greater impact in the lives of others. For more information visit:

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