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Product: The Expert/Coaching WebSite Guide

A new coach’s guide  for creating an expert website that clients will love!

  • Learn how to focus your site on your client, not you!
  • Get formulas and examples to write like a marketer.
  • Get WordPress, Opt-in Box, List, Freebie, and Blog.
  • Learn the basics of WordPress, search engines, visual design.
  • Get Kenn’s Favorite Theme FREE w/Guide (a $70 value).

Offered by: Kenn Schroder

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Why most coaches end up with a website that does zero for their business.

Most coaching sites do nothing for the coach. They get very little traffic. They almost always generate zero leads. In fact, many are so, for lack of a better word, bad, they are actually detrimental to the coach’s image. Yikes!

As a result, a great coach will resist marketing because the idea of people actually going to her site makes her cringe! Thus, her efforts to find clients are stunted.   With weak marketing efforts and a lack of clients, the dream of being a coach begins to disappear. That’s a big downer.

You deserve a website that you can’t shut up about. A website that people are hot to visit.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a website that:

  • Actually motivates you to get out there and market because it’s that good?
  • When people hear about it, they will jump out of their skin to visit it?
  • When people visit it, they actually doing something – like get on your email list or contact you for coaching?

When you’ve got such a website to back you up, you’ll market like there’s no tomorrow. Soon you’ll be getting clients, earning more, and loving what you do.

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Website Failure Reason 1: Your site is focused on “coaching” and not the client.

I’ve personally reviewed over 100 coaching websites this year (2012). I’ve found the biggest problem is that the sites are focused on the things clients care least about including:

  • Hard to define things like happiness, meaning, and transition.
  • Pretty pictures.
  • Your various coach trainings.
  • The semantics of coaching like weekly calls and assessments.
  • Quotations or sayings.
  • Your pets!

These things say you’re a nice person – but they don’t get you clients.  Instead, create a website (content, design, interaction) to serve your client. Focus on inspiring, motivating, and actioning them towards their goals – which is what they really want.

In this guide you get strategic models, writing recipes, and loads of examples to help you focus your site on the client. Impress them and they’ll be contacting you for help!

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What are some other Website Failures?

Reason 2:  Missing key marketing elements.

Reason 3: Your site is too hard to use for BOTH you and the visitor.

Who is this guide for?

  •  You’re hiring web designer -> get this guide and give it to her to build a website for client-attraction.
  • You’re doing it yourself -> use this guide to create compelling content and learn the basics of WordPress and Search Engines.
  • You’re going to redesign -> grab this guide if you want to rework your site to be more enticing for visitors.

If you want to build and expert image, get the key marketing tools in place, and create a site that clients will want to visit, then get this guide.

In this guide you will learn:

  1. How to focus your website on your client instead of you.
  2. How to avoid the top 7 mistakes most coaches make.
  3. How to make an enticing opt-in box that gets sign-ups.
  4. How to craft the key pages coaches should have on their site.
  5. How to make your menu simple, easy, and intuitive for visitors.
  6. How to write great articles like the seasoned pros.
  7. How to choose an ideal WordPress theme.
  8. How to start getting traffic from search engines.
  9. How to design gorgeous visuals – the ones clients really care about.
  10. How and where to find a good web designer.
  11. How the web design process works to get things done timely.
  12. How to quickly create a free giveaway that people just gotta have!
  13. How to get raving testimonials.
  14. How to get a bio photo that makes you look “pro”.
  15. How to write enticingly from recipes, formulas, and examples

Don’t buy this guide if …

  •  You want a tech manual – This guide is not a tech manual on installing WordPress. You will need to communicate with your host, theme provider, and plugin providers for specifics. Due to nearly limitless technical situations, this guide is not designed to cover it all. However, I give you technical pointers and suggestions for a strategy to impress clients.
  • You’re looking for instant internet millions – This guide is not intended for that. It’s intended to help you impress potential clients.
  • You want a website overnight – Creating good content (what clients really want) can’t happen overnight.
  • You are hoping to build a site and be done with marketing – This is very unlikely unless you’ve got a super-slick strategy in mind.
  • This guide is for you if you want reach that first level of success, a full client list – proving you CAN do it!

How this guide will save you $1,000

One quote of web designer fees in the US is $65 per hour. Let’s call that $50 per hour for simple math.  Thus, every unnecessary hour spent costs 50 bucks.

Without this guide, here’s the extra time you or your web designer will spend:

  1.  Figuring out your website architecture – 2 extra hours.
  2. Figuring out what functionality you need – 2 extra hours.
  3. Researching software – 2 extra hours.
  4. Figuring out what content to create – 2 extra hours.
  5. Extra time spent creating content without guidance– 2 hours.
  6. Explaining coaching to your web designer – 2 hours.
  7. Creating and adding things you don’t need – 2 hours.
  8. Goofing things up and figuring out how to revise – 2 hours.
  9. Having your designer to make revisions as you learn – 2 hours.
  10. Retesting things you’ve changed – 2 hours.

That’s 20 hours or $1,000 in time wasted. In reality, many sites never get done and many need to be redone.

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