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Storytelling is one of the best ways to increase your impact and influence, but how do you write your story? In this call you’ll learn:

• Why sharing stories is a critical 21st Century skill for success and how to get started
• The real secret to successful storytelling
• The 4 core stories everyone needs to tell
• Consistently Develop New Products & Recycle Already Existing Products
• How to avoid the biggest mistake companies make in their storytelling

To learn more about the art of storytelling, I interviewed Karen Dietz who is one of the best storytelling experts today, listen to interview here or read the summary below:

About Karen:Karen Dietz

Dr. Karen Dietz (DEETZ) — THE business storyteller — is on a mission to grow our influence and income through awesome storytelling. If you want results she says, “Just story it!” Karen is an author, coach, and speaker who shares how to turn boring conversations and death by PowerPoint into communication that captures the hearts and minds of people. She represents the best in both academic training and performance storytelling.

Karen has worked with Princess Cruises, Thrivent Financial, Just In Time For Foster Youth, and yes — even Disney needed help with storytelling! She has a global reputation and opened the 2014 San Diego TEDx event with her talk on the power of story listening to revolutionize business and change the world.

Interview Summary:

What do YOU mean when you say storytelling?

First, telling a story is the old way of doing things, which involved pushing stories, whereas, today, it is more about story sharing as opposed to story telling. We share stories and create relationships, so the goal is to make the shift and start sharing our stories instead of just telling them. Story sharing is about pulling and establishing relationships with the people that come to you.

What is the difference between campfire and boardroom stories?

A campfire story is an entertaining story that is shared around campfire, but in the boardroom, stories need to alter behaviors and inspire people to change. They still need to be entertaining, but they also need to motivate people to action, so they need to be constructed a bit differently.

How do I know if a story is any good?

Every story needs crafting and it is something that must be worked on purposefully and diligently. Although story telling may be a natural language, you need to master the nuances of it. Once you know how to tell a story, you need to learn how to bump it up a notch to move people to take action. This requires a much stronger ability to tell a story. Telling the story orally is the harder part of the process. Once people are familiar with telling their story orally, it is then easier to repurpose that story and present it in other formats.

How do you start a story?

The beginning and the ending are difficult for most people, so the best way is to give a setting. For example, “It was when I was in Michigan…”, or “I was sitting on my desk when…”. This immediately puts an image into the mind of the listener, and the storyteller has a more concrete jumping off point for the rest of the story. One mistake that new storytellers make is to start with “let me tell you a story about…” That sometimes creates resistant, so you want to avoid that.

What are the 3 Do’s and Don’ts of business storytelling?


  1. Have a weak or bad ending. Some people don’t know how to end the story, or their story does not end effectively.
  2. Be the hero of your story all the time. It is better for you to be the supporting character and the customer, the hero.
  3. Dismiss or not listen to other people’s stories.



  1. Share your personal experiences and what they mean to you, as well as what you’ve learned from them.
  2. Offer your story as a gift. Humbleness is a gift.
  3. Always leave home with a story to tell. People will remember your story if it is good and they will share it with others.

You want to ask people about their story because this is how you will learn from them. Then, when they ask you about what you have done, you have the opportunity to share your story. This is how you establish a relationship and that can be more effective than an elevator speech.

Even, the best way to do the elevator speech is to pose a question and get people engaged.

You talk about ‘story listening’ – what is that?

Most people think about what they want to say while they are listening, so they are not really listening to what the other person is actually saying. The best approach is to really listen and don’t think about what you want to say next. After they are done, you can ask a couple of reflective questions to build the relationship, and then you have the chance to share all the things that you’ve learned from their story. That is how you learn from the other person and establish a very strong relationship, and it is very well known that business is done based on relationships.

We all have stories to tell. Some people think they are bragging if they share their story, but you can share your story and still be authentic.

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What is your current favorite book?

The Seventh Telling: The Kabbalah of Moeshe Kapan by: Mitchell Chefitz

What is your favorite business tool?


Final Golden nugget

Share your story and let your story do the work for you!


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