Smart Blogging Consistently Builds Lists, Boosts Traffic and Enrolls Clients

Building Relationships and trust

When coaches ask me about the single best strategy for building a list, I don’t hesitate… I credit my blog for the ongoing success of my little coaching “empire”. It’s my #1 strategy for:

  • getting traffic to my website,

  • growing a list of future clients, and

  • enrolling ideal clients who refer others to me.

The results speak for themselves. Since 2009:

  • My leads list has tripled and grows in leaps every year.

  • I sell products and programs from my website without promotions.

  • I’ve become well known in my industry.

  • And, I’m regularly rewarded with comments like this…

“I can’t get enough of your blog! I’ve learned more about running a successful coaching business from you in the past couple of days than I have in years.”

My blog helps me build trusting relationships with future clients. When I ask new clients how they heard about me, they almost always say: “I’ve been following your blog.”

This could be your story too.

Right now, you may be wondering…

How can a blog build a list, win clients, and increase income?

What does it take to blog successfully?

Is a blog right for me?

We’ll explore all of that here. But first…

What is a blog?

Blogs started as online personal journals delivered by RSS feed (real simple syndication). Now blogs are used by coaches, consultants and other experts as a high impact strategy to create community, raise credibility, and build a robust list.

The best blogs deliver high value content targeted to a specific group of people with similar challenges, goals and interests. Web visitors can immediately sample the knowledge of the blogger which inspires enrollment and investment. And notices for newly published blogs are usually sent to subscribers via email.

Plus, one of the biggest bonuses of blogging is that fans share their favorite online resources with their friends so a smart blog grows your leads lists organically.

The Classic Blogging Mistake

If you want to fully leverage the search engine and client-winning potential of your website, put your blog on your HOME page rather than on a tab called “Blog”. Many coaches make the mistake of putting their blog on a back page.

The reality is people aren’t attracted to the idea of a blog itself, so web visitors won’t likely go to the blog tab. But if, when they land on you home page, they see pinpointed topics they care about they will dig in. See the difference?

With your blog on your home page you’ll build trust quickly by inspiring your target audience rather than selling to them. Having a lot of marketing content on the home page is a salesy approach that rarely works when people don’t already know, like and trust you.

So a home page blog is a more coach-like way to connect with new web visitors.

6 More Reasons Why HOME Page Blogs are Powerful Business Builders

1. The STICK Factor

When people arrive on your website, you have 6 seconds to grab their attention and answer the question all new web visitors ask: What’s in it for me? If their interest isn’t piqued quickly they’ll BOUNCE off your website and likely never come back.

But with a relevant blog, web visitors STICK on the website and are more likely to opt-in to your list. Then, you can continue to build the relationship with them through more blogs and emails.

2. Community Building

If set up right, your blog facilitates interaction between you and your readers through moderated commenting.

Your compassionate and smart responses to comments are quick high-touch connections with potential clients.

Comments and responses are public creating a sense of transparency, good will, and communit

3. Improved Social Credibility

Your blog raises your street cred or social credibility as subscribers publicly reveal that they know, like and trust you, your blog and your brand.

4. Easy Social Networking

A well-designed blog seamlessly connects with social networks:

Set you blog to automatically push you posts onto networks.

With one click, your visitors will be able to “Like” your posts on Facebook, “Retweet” them on Twitter, and share them with their followers on other social networks.

 5. Search Engines Find You

Rotating content on your home page improves your site’s ranking.

Keyword rich content helps people locate you through searches.

Web 2.0 features of your blog build high quality incoming links.

6. Content Can Be Repurposed into Products & Programs

A blog can help you develop your “voice” and your expertise into recurring revenue.

What Does It Take to Blog Successfully? Is it Right for You?

Well-targeted blogs work best. For posts to hit home with your target audience you must know:

  • Where they are now.
  • Where they want to be; their specific goals and desires.
  • What’s in the way; their top challenges and pain points.

If your blog helps them fill in that gap, it will become a favorite resource.

Blogging works in concert with a client-winning website — a website designed to convert visitors into fans (get them on your list) and fans into clients. WordPress websites work best.

Blogging is a commitment. Only add blogging to your list building strategies if you can answer YES to both of these questions:

My target audience looks for solutions online.

If your target audience is not on the Internet or oriented around seeking content online, a blog isn’t a good method of client attraction for you.

 2. I want to learn how to provide valuable content for my target audience.

If you really don’t enjoy or aren’t willing to learn how to create bite-sized content, then a blog is not a great strategy for you.

Being a skilled writer is NOT necessary. I learned how to write by doing it. Now I have an award winning blog. All you need is the desire to learn. Also, you can engage people in a video-blog or audio-blog instead of written articles. You’ll likely still need to write your scripts, unless you’re really good at speaking “off the cuff”.

The truth is that a blog requires consistent work. And if done right, it consistently pays you back with a growing leads list and ideal clients!

How Often Should You Publish a New Post?

I recommend no less than 2X per month and more often may work best.

You’ll get poor results if your posts:

  • are infrequent and irregular
  • aren’t relevant to your market
  • sound generic or like everyone else’s

You’ll get great results if your posts:

  • are published often and rhythmically
  • consistently provide solutions and inspiration to your niche market
  • are on a website that’s well designed and optimized

Your Next Steps

If you’re ready to employ blogging as a list-building, client-winning strategy I’d recommend that you:

  1. Work with a WordPress web designer to convert or transition your current website so it has a blog on the home page and the best features to maximize results.
  2. Block time for content creation and get ahead on blogs so you don’t have to write every week.
  3. Create a blog calendar that coordinates with your promotional calendar.

May you reap the kind of results I’ve had with my blog and enjoy a steady stream of subscribers, enrollments and sales!

For more help here is how you can grab Rhonda’s free guide 52 Weeks of Blog Ideas to Boost Your Traffic and List.

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