List-Building Mistakes That Kill You Can Avoid

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You know it’s important to build your list and grow your email list.

People on your email list are the same people who are interested in what you do and offer but aren’t yet ready to buy (or call for your free coaching session).

They are your potential clients and customers.

And with a big list of trusted subscribers, you’ll earn all the income you need.

The list is gold – yes it is.

And quite a bit of work goes into marketing to grow that list: getting out there, getting traffic, and all the messages to your list to build trust with them.

Building your list is work. Yes –  good ‘ole blood, sweat and tears.

It sucks when you find out (and it’s very common) that people who do come to your site don’t get on your list because your “optin process” or the forms, pages and emails pages to get on your list and get confirmed aren’t working.

Those people just disappear and you miss out on the chance to grow, connect and serve them – and of course get more paying clients and products sold.

Here are some tips to making sure your optin process is smooth, slick and maximizes your list-building efforts.

Get numbers.

Get the numbers of people coming to your site, the number of optins (people who sign up and confirm their email address).

You want bonafied, real people you can email and know they’ll get your messages.

If you’re site is already big …

… and your visitors seem high but sign-ups seem low, make sure your form is highly visible by using a “light-box” (like a pop-up but isn’t as ugly or annoying or excessive) to make it clear you have an email list.

Get an instagratifier.

Create, if you don’t have, a free download or video or other immediately accessible teaching or training piece they can get to once they sign-up. It’s an inducement.

And hey, you’re job as a website owner, as a coach, as a marketer is to lead (teach, inspire, advice, question, however) others to greatness.

Try it out yourself.

Yep, sign up for your own list and see how it works. Can you even do it?

Use your personal email or make a free one somewhere else to test it out.

Watch a friend.

Get a friend and sit with them in your fave coffee hangout and watch them do it.

Watch and be amazed at how varied we do things. How seemingly simple things to you are hard for others.

Also, be surprised at how much you’re own familiarity with your site blinds you to what is obvious and what isn’t.

This is a huge eye-opener and I’d reckon to put this first.

I’d do this with three different people.

Test a few places. 

Test it on a mobile phone. Test it on Gmail vs. Outlook. Test it with someone who has a “.me” account (Apple). Test it using a Chrome browser, Firefox browser.

Tell people what to do.

As people fill out your form, land on a page, or get an email, tell them what to do next to complete your sign-up process.

Just be sure to use as few words as needed when telling them what to do.

The fewer the steps the better.

The fewer steps to signing up for your list, the better.

I know various services out there have different methods for list sign-up. So, just aim to minimize your steps.

Be sure you’re avoiding junk folders / spam filters.

Your email messages need to be clean and simple – as if it’s a message from a friend.

That means avoiding too many links, avoiding too many images, or getting too designy.

Stick to simple text, 1 or 2 links, and generally I avoid images in emails.

So, avoid wild signatures with all your social links, profiles, website address and email address link.

Remember, your list is gold, and getting through the sign-up process is vital. Be sure to give your system a test and make sure it’s running smoothly.

Kenn Schroder

Kenn Schroder helps coaches create client-attracting websites. Get your free copy of Coaching Website Checklist at

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