How to Make More Money From Your Website

Marketing tips for coaches

For most service professionals, the goal of having a website is to attract clients and generate income, and there are a variety of ways to accomplish these goals.

One thing to keep in mind is that generating revenue from any website requires enough traffic in order for most of the models to work.

Also, it is essential for an online business to build their client list and increase its value by creating or sharing relevant and valuable content.

Here are some of the things you can do online to generate income from your website.

Teach Online

Teach and share your knowledge online using webinars or videos and charge money for your expertise.  This is best way for coaches and service professionals to make money.  You can create a video or audio series or run live webinars to teach your clients. This will enable you to do more than 1-on-1 sessions and help a larger group of people.

Sell Product

Selling your products or other merchandise (cups, T-shirts, etc…) is a great way to generate income.

But, you must always consider the value and relevance of what you are marketing. Also, you should always consider your brand and market your products first and only offer things that are in alignment with your brand.

Before you jump into product creation, make sure it is worth your time and investment.  Research your market, do a survey, and talk to your exiting clients.  Who will buy your product?  Will your visitors buy enough to justify the cost of creating and maintaining your systems?

You don’t need to create a product before finding the market for it.  There are very creative ways to to test your idea with your audience before creating your info product.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a popular practice on the internet. You can collaborate with other internet bloggers and experts to market services and products in return for a commission.

You can do this directly by inviting your visitors to join a webinar that your partner is presenting. Also, you can sell other people’s products and services by joining an affiliate marketing network like Commission Junction, ClickBank, or Lakuten – linkshare.

Online Webinars and Telesummits

Online events are still making money, but you need to be creative and use a freemium model to get people into your events. You also need good speakers and experts who are willing to invite their client list to join you. You can also invite corporate sponsors to these types of events.

Live events and conferences

This is another great way to show your expertise and generate revenue, but you need to learn how to sell enough tickets to fill up the room. There are many different ways to do this and it can take a lot of time and investment to set one up; however, you can also look for corporate sponsors to help with your bottom line.

Affiliate ads

Posting banner ads or affiliate ads may seem old-fashioned now, but they still work and provide a great opportunity to generate income. However, you should look for partners and products that your audience will value. You will lose your authenticity or may even look biased if you promote only for money.

Google AdSense

Google Adsense is another great option and it’s easy to set up and manage, but you will only see the value if you have lots and lots of traffic.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates has a great advertising program for bloggers and website owners, but again, the key for all advertising is that you must have high traffic on your website.

Paid Content

Paid memberships and Paywall are great ways to charge users for valuable content. Paid memberships require people to pay in order to get your content, and Paywall provides some content for free, and then asks customers for money in order to access premium content.


Asking people for donations is another great way to get paid for your content.

The key to making money online is to know your clients well, know what their needs are, and provide an amazing value.

What are you doing to generate revenue online?

Mike Rafati

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