How a Powerful Content Strategy Can Expand Your Brand-Rapidly!


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Have you ever wondered what’s needed to build your brand through powerful content marketing strategy? In this call you’ll learn:

-Why do you believe content is “the thing” that will set you apart in business?

-What is content strategy and why is it so important?

-What is branded content?

-How can we get more leverage out of the content we already have?

To learn what’s needed to develop a Successful Information Based Business, I interviewed Shannon Hernandez :

About Shannon:

M. Shannon Hernandez, founder of The Writing Whisperer, has been passionate about writing since a very early age. One of her unique talents lies in helping small business owners and brands solidify the words and content they use across a variety of platforms, so they can connect more completely with their markets.

She is a leading voice in the world of authentic business writing and writes regularly for The Huffington Post. Shannon’s memoir, Breaking the Silence, chronicles her exit out of public education, after 15 years, and provides readers an intimate view of her journey to business ownership, finding happiness, and reinvention.

Interview Summary:

Why is content important? Shannon started her business by blogging and went on to expand her reach and start writing guest blogs for other sites such as the Huffington post.

Content strategy is an essential part of your success. You must know your goal and have some way of being able to measure it.

What is content? Content is anything that you put out there that tells about what you do. It could be images, tweets, Facebook posts, emails, teleseminars, blogs or anything else that helps get your message out there in the world.

What is branded content?

Branded content is similar to the images you see on Facebook, which usually have an image and the name of the brand on the image. The other part is when you write about and stand for something. Your opinion is branded to you and that is what makes your content is important.

There are 3 V’s of branded content: Voice, Visibility and Vibrancy. This means you can share your voice and gain visibility through sharing your content. You can also differentiate and showcase your work and expertise from that of your competitors by the style and nature of your content. No one can say things the same exact way that you say it, and your personality is what builds your brand.

How can you repurpose your existing content?

There are many ways that you can take an existing blog post, modify it and turn it into something different. For example:

  1. You can highlight compelling phrases and put a link back to it and now you have twitter and Facebook posts.
  2. You can take a blog post and make it into a slide share. This turns it into another form of content that people can find and look at.
  3. You can use your blog for your podcast and share your findings on your podcast.
  4. You can turn your list into an image that you can share on Pintrest and Instagram.

How can you create content? Some people don’t know what to write about, so it takes some thinking, but once they decide on what to write about, then they can start writing about things their clients are looking for.

One suggestion is to start by creating a list of topics that you can write about, and things that you want to be known for.

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What is your current favorite book?

I love to read memoires and how people come out of their struggles. For example, – The Glass Castle: A Memoir by: Janet Walse

What is your favorite business tool?

WordPress and paper and pencil

Final Golden Nugget

You can be who you are and convey your message authentically and you can build your business without needing to change who you are!


Mike Rafati

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