How to Create a Free Download that Clients Gotta Have – Trick 1 – Kill the Limiting Belief

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So, if you haven’t figured out why the freebie on your site is a must-do step OR if you’ve been struggling to create one that you know clients will really, really, really want, then great – you’re in luck today, here’s one of my favorite tricks to creating that downloadable pdf visitors will want immediately.

It’s about removing the limiting belief they have.

First, a quick visual on why your freebie is really a must do item on your website checklist. It’s really vital.

It’s a must do because your freebie GIVES PEOPLE A REASON TO COME TO YOUR SITE. If someone sees your website address, say on your LinkedIn profile and next to it says, “Come to my website and download X for free” then you’ve given them a compelling reason to come visit. That’s how you get traffic with your freebie. Once at your site, they add their email address to get the freebie, and voila! – a new subscriber.

Now, the trick …

Let’s say you’ve got a free download pdf on your website and it’s not doing much to get you traffic or get new subscribers. (You are making sure that to get this freebie, they have to enter their email address, right?)

So let’s say you’re free download is “How to Set Goals in Your Business” … which is good in that it’s of value. It’s bad because there are so many of these out there (how to set goals, how to set smart goals, etc, ho hum).

What we’re going to do is tweak this title …

What are some limiting beliefs, thought patterns, or unhelpful triggers people have around “setting goals in their business”? What are some of their limiting beliefs in business? Goal setting? What have your client’s struggled with when trying to set goals? What you struggled with? What are they saying to themselves in their heads, quietly? What are you quietly saying to yourself as you set goals or don’t realize them?

Here are some that come to mind …

It takes too long to set s-m-a-r-t-e-r goals, so many steps.
The goals I set I never realize.
I forget my goals after I set them a week later and have to reset them again.
I set goals but they aren’t motivating.
I set goals but just don’t do them.
I beat myself up if I don’t achieve them.
I never reach my goals.
My business is stuck. It’s not working. I’m stuck.
My business is unprofitable. I can’t make a profit.
I suck at sales.

Take any of those limiting beliefs, and slap them into your title, like this …

How to Set Motivating Goals in Your Business
How to Set Biz Goals You Can’t Help But Realize
How to Reach a Goal Even If You’ve Never Succeeded
How to Framework Your Goals to Stay On Track Effortlessly
How to Quickly Set Goals that Stay on Your Radar
How to Set Goals for Unprofitable Businesses
Goal Setting if You’ve Stuck for a Year
The Trick to Setting Sales Goals if You Suck at Sales.

Deal with the limiting belief, negative thought or other mental baggage in your title and get good information into your freebie to make sure it delivers.

Love to hear your thoughts, ideas for tweaking your freebie, or what you had for breakfast – just post below.

Kenn Schroder

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