Content Curation – A Simple Guide to Curating Content for coaches and consultants

Content marketing and curation

Your audience is only looking for great content.  But, creating great content often takes a lot of time. That’s why, content curation is one of the greatest strategies to provide great content to your audience.

What is content curation?

Content curation is about discovering, organizing, and presenting existing content in a meaningful way. It is like sharing the headline news, based on what you and your audience enjoy.

In the case of content, you are organizing and presenting the best content based on your expertise, industry trends, and what your audience is really interested in.

Why should you do content curation?

  1. Save time. Creating original content takes time, but organizing and sharing existing content is a lot faster.
  2. Build your brand. Establish yourself as an expert and build brand awareness by sharing valuable content about your industry.
  3. Build relationships. Content curation helps in building relationships with other experts in your industry.

Who should do content curation?

It’s not only for big businesses.  All businesses including solo-professionals should use content curation.

Coaches, consultants, and small business owners should use content curation to build their brand and provide valuable and relevant information to their audience.

How could you use content curation in your business?

You can use content creation in your blog posts, newsletters, and social media.

Here are some of the best ways for sharing curated content:

  1. Become the source of the information in your market by sharing the top news about your industry and valuable information from other experts and thought leaders.
  2. Mix original and curated content to build your brand and establish your expertise
  3. Use curated content to build your blog

How do you start curating content?

  1. Define your audience: Know your audience and what they find interesting.
  2. Choose a topic: Pick a topic that your clients find interesting.
  3. Discover content: Find articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, webinars, social media posts, newsletters, etc. There are many ways to discover and organize content. You may share something on social media quickly or save something for later. Tools such as Evernote, Pocket, Twitter Lists, Newsletters, and Feedly can help you discover and organize your content.
  4. Organize and share content: it’s time to read and organize what you’ve discovered and pick what’s worthy of your audience. Add value by simplifying, summarizing, highlighting, and/or commentating.  You should add your brand voice and personality.  Adding your voice helps to differentiate yourself.
  5. Share your content: This is the last part of the process. It’s time to publish your curated content.

Quick curation tips

  1. Only share quality content.
  2. Keep your audience in mind.
  3. Be consistent.
  4. Always give credit and link back to the source, this helps you build relationship with the source of the information.
  5. Add your personality and voice.
  6. Ask others to share your content.

For more in-depth information about content curation, check out: “How to do curated content Right: A step-by-step guide.” written by Neil Patel, and “how to curate content: the secret sauce to getting noticed…” written by Kevan Lee at Buffer

Content curation tools

Content curation tools help you discover and organize your content. They also help you stay up to date with the news in your industry, get ideas to write about, and link to the best content on the web.

Here are some of the tools you can use for content curation:

  • Twitter Lists – set up a list for a topic or a group of experts
  • Pocket – a great tool to find and save the articles you want to read later
  • Newsletters – check the newsletters that you receive or sign up for what interests you
  • – best place to find quotes
  • Feedly – Aggregate content from your favorite publications, blogs, and more

Google Alerts, and are great tools as well.  For more information about content curation tools, check out :“ 10 content curation tools every marketer needs” or “ Content curation tools: the ultimate list.”


Content curation is a great strategy to share amazing content with your audience and build relationships with other thoughts leaders in your industry.

Are you using content curation?

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