How to Build Your List with Authenticity

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List building is an important marketing strategy for all businesses. Traditionally, list building was about buying lists or gathering names, phone numbers, and addresses after each meeting or event.  These tactics are still being used.

Authentic List Building is completely different from traditional list building because inbound marketing has created new opportunities to build lists and connect with our ideal clients.  

Authentic List Building is permission-based, and it is all about providing value and sharing your gift with people who want to hear from you in exchange for their information (email, address, phone number, etc.) Customers are looking for value, and they no longer tolerate unrelated content and useless information anymore!

They want to receive high-quality information and relevant content from their favorite businesses and service professionals.

Advantages of Authentic List Building

The key to success for any business is to identify and connect with people who need and want their products and services. Clients look for value and they are looking for businesses that provide solutions that can help them to resolve their problems.

List building becomes easy when business owners are connected with their ideal clients and understand what their clients are looking for.

Providing valuable content and solutions make authentic list building effortless because your clients are willing to give you their contact information when they recognize that they are receiving a product of great value and a solution to their problems.

Authentic list building also will help you grow your list faster since you are connecting and talking to your tribe and they will help you to spread the word about your services, products, and solutions. So, now that you know what Authentic List Building is all about, here is how you can build your list with authenticity:

Decide on Your Target Market and Niche

You must clearly define your target market and decide whom exactly you want to serve. This will help you in focusing your efforts since it is difficult to be everything to everyone.

Choosing your target market should not be complicated.  It is the same group of people that you have enjoyed serving or thought about serving in the past. The next important thing is to know what your target market wants and needs. You either already understand their needs, or you can reach out to them and find out what their needs and wants are.

Develop a Solution That Solves Their Problem

Your target market may like and trust you, but they will only buy if you have what they want or need. Therefore, you must develop solutions that your target market urgently wants and is willing to pay for. Always test your solution with your existing clients or people that you know to validate your offer.

Build Your Authentic List Building System

Once you know your target market and their needs, and have created a solution that they want, it is time to build your client attraction system to attract, engage, and sign up your ideal clients to your list. An automated list building system has the following components:

Step 1 – Develop a free gift, also known as a freebie or an irresistible offer

How do you create excitement and show your genuine interest in serving your target market? By providing value from the moment they get to know you and continuing it for as long as you know them. It is very similar to developing any relationship.

The relationship is over when you stop paying attention and start neglecting the other person. In the past, people would often sign up only to receive a weekly or monthly newsletter. But, clients have access to so much more information today and they are only willing to share their information in return for something very valuable. In other words, they want to receive a greater value for sharing their email address.

The greater the quality and the value of your offer, the greater the number of leads! Here are a few examples of an Authentic Irresistible Offer:

  • EBook
  • A Report or a training session
  • Audio recording or teleseminar
  • Video series

Step 2 – Develop an opt-in page

This is a Web page that you create on your website and send all your clients to in order for them to sign up and pick the free gift. You need an opt-in form to get the email addresses and killer copy to communicate your value to your client.

Most email marketing tools provide an easy to use opt-in form but you can also ask your web designer to develop a custom form. Writing great copy is the most important part of the opt-in page.

You must be able to convey your value in a way that your clients can easily understand so that they see the benefits they are receiving. There are many Email and Newsletter Marketing Software programs available on the market and most of them provide the same basic functionalities that you need.

Email marketing software programs enable you to build and manage your list, send email, and analyze your results. Also, there are shopping carts that provide an email marketing tool and CRM all in one package.

Here are a few that provide the best entry-level opportunity for coaches, consultants, and service professionals:

Also, Infusionsoft is a great tool for those with a larger list. Infusionsoft is an E-Commerce, email marketing, and CRM tool for managing client payments and relationships.

Step 3: Attracting, Engaging Your Ideal Clients and Nurturing Your Quality Prospects

The final step is to attract and engage your ideal clients and quality prospects. This is the most important part of your system.

How you attract potential clients into your list is very important. You want to target the right clients and people who are looking for what you are offering. Therefore, you must pay close attention to the source of your leads. How prospects find you determines the quality of your list.

Therefore, look for where your clients are, and focus your message to attract only your ideal clients. Finally, remember to nurture the people who are already on your list by providing quality content and relevant information.

The value lies in what you do for them, and in the absence of great value, your potential prospects will leave your list. In conclusion, authentic list building is an important part of your business.

Start creating a list if you don’t have one. If you have a list, then start nurturing it, and build relationships and trust with the people on your list. Your existing and potential clients want to hear from you. Reach out, provide value, and share your gift with them.

Are you building your list?

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