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-The Best Seller’s mindset


To learn what’s needed to develop a client attracting website, I interviewed Peggy Macoll:

About Peggy:

Peggy McColl (a.ka. The Best Seller Maker) is a New York Times Best Selling Author and an internationally recognized expert in helping authors, entrepreneurs and specialists create valuable products, build their brand worldwide; make money online and create international “best sellers”!

Her intensive classes, speaking engagements, goal achievement seminars, and best-selling books have inspired individuals, professional athletes, authors and organizations to reach their maximum potential. Her personal goal is to make a positive contribution to the lives of millions and she is passionate about helping others to achieve their goals. As a proud mother of her son Michel and the proudest grandmother of her grandson James, Peggy values her family more than anything!

Interview Summary:

Why should you write a book?

Different people will have different reasons for writing a book, but is it important to find your own “Why” and you might get validation after talking to people who have read your book. You never know whom you’ll impact with your book.

Also, book writing showcases your expertise and earns your credibility.

How to manifest your book.

The starting point is making a decision and that is how the law of attraction works.

When you believe and set your intention, you don’t need to know how it will happen but it is important to stay connected to how it will feel? For example, Peggy decided to write a book even when she did not know exactly how to do it, but she figured it out, and now, she is teaching it today.

Responsibility is deciding on what you want and then you should see yourself in position of what you want. However, this is a process. If you get angry, or frustrated, don’t give up and just keep moving forward. You must have faith and believe that it is already done and feel that it is there every day.

For example, she created a book cover, she printed multiple copies of it, and put it all over her house.

She realized that you must be like a dog with a bone and have tenacity, and the funny thing is, she actually wrote a book called – Dog with a Bone!

There are people out there that want to see you do your best, but they are not supportive, don’t believe in your capabilities or don’t see your dreams. You must be your own internal motivator.

Insider secrets on how to write and get your book on The Best Seller List

If you are thinking about writing a book, realize that the price of writing is only 5% of the job, marketing is the rest. Publisher or no publisher, you can do it, but you will need to do the marketing.

Publishers are looking for a unique idea, and someone who has already created a following and a platform to market the book.

In another words, they are looking for an email list, a big online presence, and an ability to market the book successfully.

Over 93 percent of the books that are written will never sell more than 500 copies. However, the good news is that 7 percent of the books out there do sell more than 500 copies, and it is not hard to get to that extra target.

The other secret is to look at your book as a business and a revenue producing product. You can extend beyond of the book and build your email list, sell your products, create your own programs, do speaking engagements, host webinars, etc.

Is the process of book creation and writing difficult?

When you have the knowledge, the book comes out of you. Peggy wrote a book in a weekend.

It is not that complicated.   You can write your book by creating a webinar or a program and then transcribing that and turning it into a book.

What is the best seller’s mindset?

Mindset sometimes blocks you, and it is the self-confidence that makes you wonder if people would listen to you.

It is all about the right attitude, expecting the best thing, and having gratitude as if it is already done.

How IncredibleTalks listeners can connect with Peggy?

What is your current favorite book?

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch

What is your favorite business tool?

The best tool is to focus on your outcome and stay accountable, get an accountability body and stay focused on your outcome

Golden Nugget

Set a big goal that scares you, but don’t worry about the how you are going to achieve it, just get moving


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