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How you are taught to strategize is backwards. Your main business tool is your mind. What you think and feel determines the success of your business. To start a business, you want to examine what you believe about success and your place in the marketplace. Is there doubt? Fear? Confusion? If so, you will draw those beliefs right into your business.

  • Learn how every thought and word spoken either stops success or enhances it.
  • Learn how to align to your message and clear out confusion.
  • Learn how a poor relationship with your father (especially for women) can stall success.

To learn what’s needed to alignment and branding, I interviewed Paula Muran:

About Paula:

Paula Muran specializes in core belief transformation for business women. Paula assists entrepreneurs in aligning to their brands and releasing the limiting mindsets that block financial and business success.

With over 25 years of helping women gain inner confidence and self-love, Paula is a leader in changing how we think. She offers mindful and meditation retreats and classes and maintains a private practice.

Interview Summary:

How do we get aligned to our brand?

It is easy to become misaligned with our goals, and we often lose focus due to the many distractions that occur in our daily lives.

Your goal should be to become energetically aligned to your vision.
You may know what you want to do, but your thoughts can hinder your success by creating an energy block.

It is the subconscious mind that runs our life

Consciously, someone may know what he or she wants to do. For example, someone may want to be a massage therapist or a coach, but subconsciously, they may think that they don’t have the right skills, they are not good enough, or it will take too much money to start their business.

Those thoughts will block their success and stop them from moving forward toward what they want.

Be aware of your thoughts

Every time we think about something that we cannot do, we are creating energy or Karma that will come back to us. For example, if someone wants clients but is not willing to spend money for their own training, their clients may in turn tell them that they are not ready to spend money for their training or services.

Karma and energy is amazing! If we think $2000 is too much money to spend on training, we will attract clients that will say the same thing to us.

It is the subconscious thoughts that start and stop the flow of the energy.

Every thought has power, and as we send it out there, it will come back to us. If you, yourself, say, “I don’t have time or money,” then that is what your clients will say back to you.

We often tell ourselves many things that stop the flow of energy. For example, we say to ourselves, “I don’t have time”, “I am too busy”, “I don’t have money”, “It is too hard”, and “I’m not smart enough”.

All of those thoughts or words that come out of our mouths stop the flow of energy and prevent us from attracting what we want. As such, It is very important to be aware of what you are saying to yourself.

How can we clear the path or remove the mental blocks?

The best way to remove your energy blocks is to acknowledge them, recognize what confuses you, and identify the confusion or patterns. It is better to recognize and acknowledge mental blocks them rather than trying to suppress them or push them away.

It is better to look deeply at the issue and discover why things are not working. You can ask yourself what the issue is and dig deeper until you get to the core thoughts or feelings that are holding you back. Identifying your energy blocks will enable you to release them.

Sometimes we don’t know what is confusing us, so we blame the outside world and other issues for our shortcomings, but once we acknowledge our blocks, we can remove them or turn them around and mold them into something that works for us instead of against us.

Research has shown that a lot of our fears and feelings such as anger, lack of love, feeling rejected or judged starts with the relationship with our fathers and mothers.

For women, the relationship with their father, which represents the masculine or the outer world, could possibly affect their relationship with their work and the outside world.

For men, They may possibly feel angry in life or business because their father was absent in their life or did not teach them skills they needed. Anger is always about us and not about other people. Men also face challenges in their relationships when their mother was absent in their life or if their mother was overbearing and did not allow them to learn the skills they needed.

We pick up many of our thinking patterns in our childhood and we build our lives and operate according to these patterns throughout our lives. The key is to recognize the patterns that are not working and change them in order to release those negative energies.

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