5 Modern Website Design Trends for Coaching Websites

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Wondering what modern website design means for your coaching website?

Are you about to build a new site and want to make sure you’re building with the best ideas to date?

Or, perhaps you already have a website that’s been around a while and it’s either time for some Spring cleaning to make sure you’re operating at your best?

If so, then I’ll add you to my “smart people I know list” because attending to your website and thus, visitors, is a good move because both:

(1) people’s online behavior change over time and
(2) technology to serve them evolves to accomodate.

And you don’t want to fall prey to website rot that eats away at your marketing.

5 modern website design trends to keep your client-attraction machine well oiled ????

Let’s dig in …

1. Modern websites are simpler

They have less clutter and are commonly you’ll find content in a 1 or 2 column format.

Here’s a screenshot from one of my favorite bloggers, Mark Sisson, who writes about great health inspired by primal living.

His blogs have moved to a one-column format. Nice on my laptop. Fabulous on my mobile.

modern web design trend - one column

In a crazy busy modern world, we all need to eliminate junk. We need to stay focused, do less, and stick to the important.

And a simple layout helps your potential clients read your site and see what a great coach you are.

2. They are responsive – mobile ready

Mobile ready means your site looks great and functions properly on mobile devices like smart phones.

Similarly, your website (or WordPress theme) is called responsive if it can respond to the medium in which it’s used – very similar to mobile ready.

And as you know, we’re all on pads and mobile devices – so it goes without saying that your site needs to look stellar there as well.

Here’s an example of how Microsoft’s website is mobile ready with a fun, flashback look at how it was back in 2002.

The odds are high that if you are using a current, well-supported theme on WordPress or one of the popular quick-site building services out there, your website will be responsive and look good everywhere.

But, you should always check the pages you create because what you do as the content writer may not come out so hot. Test your fresh content to ensure it looks good.

In the future, you can expect other ways of viewing your website to become more common like on watches (iWatch), the inside of your contact lense, or projected on a table from your hi-tech web pen ;P

Your site needs to look good everywhere so clients can find you on their commute to work (which is exactly where they ponder their life challenging mysteries and realize they need a kick-butt coach like you!)

A cool, relatively recent update to WordPress is the ability to check out how your site would look on a pad or phone is shown in this video:

Cool huh?

3. Modern website design means big fonts

You’ll find page headings with big fonts as well as body content (the bulk of what you read) to be in a bigger font as well.

Screen/device resolutions are higher in definition today than in days past, and so the fonts need to be bigger.

Not only do we need big fonts to keep current, but going a few sizes bigger is dramatic, brave, and fun – another trend.

Plus big font add a nice dose of contrast with the smaller body text. We like contrast.

Here’s a screenshot from Mitzi’s website, a life coach for women in New York.

big fonts on modern website design

As you can see the blog article font is the biggest on the page.

It’s bigger than her logo and rightfully so as this page is meant to engage and serve the reader.

4. Modern sites have big images

There’s the concept of a hero image – a big image that spans the entire site and often fills up most of the screen.

They can have text on them and function as a background, or just be stand alone to emphasize a title or main point.

As time goes on, you’ll start seeing move videos as well as videos in backgrounds.

But for now videos are still quite big and require faster speeds to see them properly.

Here’s a screenshot from Nicole Kolb’s website and you can see her massive image from the top of her home page.

modern website design big image

It’s very dramatic and she gets her message across right away. Nice.

She’s a life and career coach for creative people.

5. Modern sites are socially adept

A modern coaching website, especially if you’re blogging, has just got to integrate with various social websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Building a network or tribe of people who like what you publish is such an amazing way to reach people, stay connected, offer your coaching, and secure new clients.

There are quite a few ways to integrate your website socially, but one very simple method is to add buttons that allow people to share your content, like this:

sweet icons for social sharing

The above functionality is provided by the Monarch plugin from Elegant Themes – one of the WordPress theme companies I like.

Sooo … what do you think of modern design? Got some ideas of your own? Is your coaching website modern? Does it need some updating?

Remember, as your soon-to-be clients are killing time waiting for their organic burgers to arrive and they are searching for articles on how to make their careers, lives, and relationships better, and they stumble onto your website, you’ll need to be hip and modern to insure they dig into your content.

Then, they’ll see you’re a super duper coach they should contact and hire ????


Pictures are contributed by Kenn Schroder

Kenn Schroder

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