26 Coaching Website Must-Haves from LinkedIn Chat


My friend, “EG” Sebastian, runs the Coaches Support Group – a LinkedIn Group. In a recent discussion, a member named Shenotes asked, “When launching your coaching website, what were some of your MUST haves?”

46 comments later and an hour of compiling, here’s my summary. The number for each indicates how many times it was mentioned in the post.

  • A vision for the content, structure (6)
  • A great designer to create your vision (1)
  • A good domain name (1)
  • Good hosting (1)
  • Appearance, eye-catching, nice colors to reflect you (3)
  • Authenticity and integrity, honesty (3)
  • Reflects my personality, style, approach (2)
  • Site must be alive with new content (1)
  • Having ability to admin routine tasks on site (1)
  • An email capture page or opt-in box (5)
  • An autoresponder (1)
  • Clean layout (1)
  • User friendly (1)
  • Shopping carts (1)
  • Fill in forms (1)
  • Website tracking (1)
  • A great bio (1)
  • Great giveaway (4)
  • Client attraction plan / sales conversion plan (6)
  • Search engine optimization (1)
  • Powerful message that talks to audience (4)
  • Creativity (1)
  • Clear, concise mission statement (1)
  • Photos people can relate to (1)
  • Segment the people/audience/ you are targeting (2)
  • Brand strategy (1)

In summary, the top items for a website fall around the strategy and content: having a powerful message that attracts, a plan for bringing people to your site, getting them onto a list, and onto buying something (sales conversion).

Let me ask you …

Do you really want to hire someone for graphics? What are you finding most vital for your site? What areas can you improve upon? Anything you’d add or remove from this list?

I’d love to hear from you! Comment below.

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Kenn Schroder

Kenn Schroder helps coaches create client-attracting websites. Get your free copy of Coaching Website Checklist at http://www.coachingsitesthatwork.com

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