15 Tips For Choosing Your Domain Name


Buying a domain name for your business is very easy today. However, choosing the right name is not easy anymore. Some people get stuck and have a difficult time picking a name.

Don’t make it hard! This can be a joyful process. Just allow the right name to come to you.

Here are a few tips:

1. Find a Catchy Name – Pick a catchy name that is easy to type and remember. Make it easy for your potential client to find you.

2. Always Consider Your Target Market – Consider your target market and how they would remember you and your domain name. Consider your client’s needs when answering the following questions, would they relate to your domain name? Is the name easy to remember? Is it easy to type?

3. Consider Your Branding and the Future of Your Company– Pick a name that is aligned with your target market, industry, and branding strategy. Establishing a brand name is costly. So, changing your domain name means additional costs to establish the brand name again.

4. Consider the Future of Your Business – Your name must grow with your business. Some names are fun or funny at the beginning but may not be a good choice for a large enterprise. However, keep an open mind and don’t worry; picking the right name is not as difficult as some may think and there are ways to deal with it if change is unavoidable.

5. Match Your Domain with Your Business Name – It is best if your domain and business name match. In fact it is best if you pick a business name for which the domain name is still available and you can get it. However, if that is not possible, you must at least find names that relate to one another. You don’t want to confuse your clients.

6. Make it Simple – Shorter and simpler names are easier to remember and better for a domain name

7. Consider Your Business Keywords – This is important when picking a domain name. What are the words that describe your business, your services, and the benefits that your clients gain? You want to find the best name that describes your services and value to the client.

8. Avoid Confusing Characters – hyphenated names and names with numbers unless you found a great name.

9. Go for .Com – Most popular domain extension is .com; however, you can consider other options such as .net, .biz, .org, and more. It is all about marketing. Go for .com first but be open to other opportunities if it makes sense.

10. Use Your Business Name – It is a good idea to use your own name as your domain when you are in the professional fields like doctors, lawyers, coaching and …don’t forget it is all about branding and marketing and you can brand your name.

11. Move Fast When You Find a Good Domain Name – don’t wait too long and register it right away, because you may lose it to someone else who registers before you make up your mind. There are companies that look for searches online, so don’t wait too long. Go ahead and buy the domain that you like for one year if you are not sure (it is very cheap!), you can always renew it later.

12. Test your domain name
– This is important for building your brand; this can be done by talking to your potential clients or your friends in the industry

13. Buy Your Domain Name From a Well Known Registrar – Big registrars have easy to use systems and they normally provide a good system to manage your domains.

14. Own and Manage your Domain – You want to own and manage your domain name.

15. Auto Renew Your Domain Name – Most registrars provide an option for auto renewal. This is important; you don’t want to lose your domain name after spending so much money in branding.

How to pick a name if you are stuck?

1. List all the keywords related to your business and your target market

2. Highlight the keywords that matches your business the most

3. Come up with different combination, think outside of the box and be creative, there is not a set rule for picking a name

4. Don’t rush! If you are still stuck, just move forward and work on the content for your website. Define your target market, services, offerings, and how your clients will benefit from your services. The best name will pop in your head when you are ready.

5. You can also use services like Nameboy and Dom!ze to find a name.

Where can you buy a domain name?

Here is a list of some of the largest domain registrars


Network Solutions http://www.networksolutions.com

Register.com http://www.register.com/




How did you come up with your domain name?


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