05: IncredibleTalks Interview with Nina Amir – How to use a book and a blog to boost your coaching business?

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IncredibleTALKS Interview 05 Details:

Expert Interview with Nina Amir

Topic: How to use a book and a blog to boost your coaching business

Access Nina’s Program:  www.incrediblecoach.com/nina

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Interview Summary:

Nina started blogging because she wanted to become an author, and she also wanted to become a coach and build a business around her book.

A blog was needed as a platform to market her book, so she began speaking about blogging and how others can monetize their own blogs.

Mike Rafati: What do you need to have in a blog?

Nina Amir: A blog is a content management system.  Your blog can work as your website and be part of your homepage.  You can add other pages to your website or blog to tell people what you do, such as creating an “about” page, listing the products and services that you offer, etc …

People will find your blog on the Internet through search engines, so you need to put relevant titles on your blog.

You need to write 3-5 blogs with key words so you can be found.  You also need to add social media share buttons on your blog so people can find you and connect with you on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

Finally you need to have a place where people can sign up for your email list in return for something valuable.  Also, you want them to subscribe to your blog so they can read it.

Mike Rafati: Writing a blog can be challenging!  Any tips on how to write an effective blog?

Nina Amir: Write shorter blog of about 350 words. Also you can speak it and transcribe it later, you can use your iPhone or other tools for transcribing. You can also answer client questions, or create a list post or a blog post with bullets.  For example: “Here is 10 ways to write your blog”.  You can also interview people in order to create content.

Mike Rafati: What is a good way to market a blog?

Nina Amir: Connect with social networks and use plugins to automate that for you.  You can use your email to tell your audience about your blog.  There are many ways to let people know, but it is also important to publish regularly and get noticed by Google.

Mike Rafati: How do you feel about guest blogging?

Nina Amir: Guest blogging is great idea if you connect with people who have a larger audience and they are willing to share your blog with others.

MR: What if people are not commenting on my blog?

Nina Amir: Sometimes people don’t write comments.  It also depends on what you write about and how you write your blog.  This is part of the engagement process and if you ask questions, then more people will engage with you.  Some Q/A blogs don’t get a lot of engagement; however, if you write open-ended blogs, then you are likely to get more engagement from your readers. So, remember to ask people what they think if you want more engagement.  Also, add Google or some other analytics to see how many people are coming to your page and the number of your unique visitors

Mike Rafati: Do we need to focus on our keywords or should we talk about a wide range of topics?

Nina Amir: You need to talk about your topic and focus on your expertise.  It is important to use keywords, but try to focus on your niche and pick a narrow area to speak about. Include keywords and think about what people will ask on search engines and that will lead them to you.  With that in mind, write about things that are related to your expertise and topics that are related to your business.  Write about your specialty and your expertise and use keywords in your title and first paragraph to help you get noticed on search engines, but also remember to write naturally.

Mike Rafati: Why do we need to publish a book?

Nina Amir: A book is the best business card that you can hand out, and it establishes you as an expert and authority in your areas of expertise.  It gives you “expert” status and attracts more clients.

Mike Rafati: What is your approach to writing a book?

Nina Amir: Plan out how you want to write your book and use your blog to help you write it.  This way, you use your blog to promote your business and build it while you are writing your book. You drive more traffic to your blog or website while in the process of writing the book.  By doing this, you can write your book and edit it and/or print it or use it as an eBook.  It is much easier to do this if you are already blogging or if you want to blog and write a book.

Mike Rafati: How big should your book be?

Nina Amir: it all depends on your subject matter and writing style; you need about 100 pages for most books.

Mike Rafati: So to recap, we should start with a plan and write based on the plan and then convert it into a book, right?

Nina Amir: Well, I emphasize a lot more on the plan. Make a detailed plan, so for the most part you know exactly how many blogs you need to write overall and you know how many blogs you need to write for each chapter.  This will also help you to know how long it will take you to write your book.

It is much harder to go back if you have been blogging, but you can still plan for your book and go back and use your blogs to write your book.

Mike Rafati: Tell us about your program!

Nina Amir: My program shows you how to build a business around your blog.  For most coaches, they want to use their blogs to create programs, coaching, courses, eBooks, teleseminars, and much more…you will learn how to use your membership site and how to use your blog to build your business.

Access Nina’s program: www.incrediblecoach.com/nina

Nina’s current book is How to Blog a Book: Write, Publish, and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time

What is your current favorite book?

Nina’s current favorite book is Success at Life: A Zentrepreneur’s Guide : How to Catch and Live Your Dream, this is a book written by by Ron Rubin and Stuart Avery Gold

What is your favorite business tool?

Nina likes premise by Copyblogger – for more information check out http://getpremise.com/

**Intro song is Unstoppable by Cameron the Public – http://cameron.fm/


Nina Amir, the author of How to Blog a Book and The Author Training Manual schedule to publish in 2014, inspires people to combine their purpose and passion so they Achieve More Inspired Results in work and life. She motivates people to create publishable and published products and careers as authors as well as to achieve their goals and fulfill their potential.

Amir is a developmental editor, book proposal consultant, author/book/& blog-to-book coach with 35 years’ experience. Some of her clients have sold 230,000+ copies of their books and been published by major publishing houses. She writes four blogs and has self-published 11 books.


Mike Rafati

A. Mike Rafati specializes in coaching and mentoring conscious individuals and heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to follow their dreams and create successful businesses that are aligned with their passion and purpose, helping them to make money doing what they love, create a fulfilling life, and make a greater impact in the lives of others. For more information visit: http://www.incrediblecoach.com/ http://www.mikerafati.com/

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