04: Mike Rafati presents – Why a simple marketing plan is needed for your dream business?


IncredibleTALKS Interview 04 Details:

Expert Presentation by: Mike Rafati

Topic: Why a simple marketing plan is needed for your dream business?

**Intro song is Unstoppable by Cameron the Public – http://cameron.fm/

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Interview Summary:

We make plans for everything that we do. We plan for all big events such as big trips, weddings, and parties. However, we also plan for the smaller things that we do without even realizing it! There are many things that we do automatically and we’ve done them so often that they have become our habits.

Without planning, completing projects effectively becomes a much more difficult task. We may feel stuck, take actions that are ineffective, or attempt to complete actions in an ineffective sequence.

In most cases, when we decided to make a purchase, we know ahead of time what we want to buy, which store we can find it, and have a good idea of how much we are going to pay.

So why don’t we create a marketing plan for our business?

Here are 3 things that stop business professionals from creating and following a plan!

1. Not knowing why they need a marketing plan.

  • They think that they can do it without a plan and don’t understand its value.
  • They think it is a waste of time. They have an I-know-what-I’m-doing mentality.
  • They think planning is only for big companies or when you want to borrow money.
  • They think taking action and doing things is more important.

2. Think it is a difficult exercise (mindset)

  • They think planning has to include an intricate list of instructions that can be overwhelming to create.

3. Don’t know how to create a marketing plan

  • They don’t know what the components of a good marketing plan should include.
  • They don’t know who to turn to for help and to answer their questions.

This is the key! Good planning is about creating a clear road map that is easy to follow, and an effective plan keeps you focused on the path.

Why do you need a marketing plan?

You are investing your money and your time, which are your biggest assets. Therefore, you don’t want to leave your success to chance.  Planning is a great tool to help you define your path, prepare for your journey, and stay focused on what’s important.  Also, planning helps you keep sight of your goals and make course corrections as needed.

Do you need a complicated plan?

No, creating a marketing plan can be difficult for small business owners, coaches and consultants.  However, you don’t need to make it complicated and a simple plan is more than adequate for most entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants.

How do you create a simple marketing plan?

  1. You must always start with your personal foundation and define what you want to do and why.  Clarity is the key to success and creating a list of your strengths and weaknesses, experiences, skills, and all that you know is very important.  What is your expertise? As a solo professional, you are the center of your business and who you are and what you do is the biggest part of what differentiate you from others in your market.
  2. Defining your marketing foundation is the next step in creating your marketing plan.  You start by defining your target market, what they need and what your solution is to fulfill that need.  Think about your clients and why they should work with you?  What is it that you provide that others are not and what differentiate you from other businesses in your field? Finally, you need to define your marketing message and what you are planning to say to your prospects.
  3. The next step is to define your financial and business goals.  Creating a simple sales forecast is important.  You must know what your business model is and how your clients will work with you and pay for your services.  What are the marketing strategies and tactics that are aligned with your strengths?  For example, are you a better writer, speaker or networker?  You can decide by looking at your strengths and experience and the list that you have developed during Step 1, your personal foundation.
  4. Creating a marketing system is very the next important step in your marketing planning.  What are you planning to do to attract clients, build relationships and trust, and convert prospects to clients?  Creating a marketing system and a client conversion system eliminates the guesswork and helps you constantly get the results that you want.

Finally you need to monitor your system and make adjustments as needed.

A great example is also included at the end of the audio, so listen to the audio recording and enjoy!

Last Words?

Follow your passion with open eyes, be smart about it, plan, learn, connect with people who can help you, but follow your passion and trust yourself and I am sure you will get what you want!

What is your current favorite book?

One of my favorite books is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, this is a great book and highly suggest to everyone to read it

What is your favorite business tool?

I like Hootsuite for managing my social media activities.

**Intro song is Unstoppable by Cameron the Public – http://cameron.fm/


A. Mike Rafati’s core mission is to raise awareness and help entrepreneurs and business professionals discover their voice, find the courage to follow their dreams, and create successful businesses that are aligned with their passion and purpose. So, they can make money doing what they love, lead a fulfilling life, and make a greater impact in the lives of others.

With over 20 years of sales and marketing experience, and after owning several businesses, Mike specializes in helping visionary entrepreneurs, and business owners to get aligned with their purpose, use their strengths and expertise to attract high paying clients, and focus their energy on strategies and activities that generate results. You can find more information about mike at www.incrediblecoach.com or www.mikerafati.com

Mike Rafati

A. Mike Rafati specializes in coaching and mentoring conscious individuals and heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to follow their dreams and create successful businesses that are aligned with their passion and purpose, helping them to make money doing what they love, create a fulfilling life, and make a greater impact in the lives of others. For more information visit: http://www.incrediblecoach.com/ http://www.mikerafati.com/

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