January, 2017
Webstie development for coaches

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It can be rough to get started on your website and get it online. Really rough. There’s a lot working against you including tech issues, content creation and dealing with visuals. And a project that’s taking forever is a total buzz kill. Your coaching biz dreams are at stake here and messing around with your website for

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Book Writing Tips

Guest Post by Cathy Fyock You want to write your book. You want to get it done in 2017 My guess is that even though you have every intention of writing your book, you may be unwittingly sabotaging your own best efforts. Explore this list and determine if you are

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Website for coaches and consultants

Whether they have built their websites themselves or hired designers, almost everyone I have spoken with reported that it takes much longer than they expected. We’re talking double, triple or longer than expected. And as a web designer myself, I know projects, if they aren’t well planned, can easily double in time

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If you’re blogging for fun, then great, we don’t need to worry about turning readers into paying clients. But if earning a good income from your coaching via working one-on-one with people is important, then below are four keys to making it happen. KEY ONE – Get the job done. Getting your blogs

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marketing mindset

Why you should follow your dreams and build your business? Following your dreams is difficult enough, and building your own business is not going to be the easiest thing you’ve done, in fact, it may be the most difficult choice you make in your life. In most cases, building

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How to get Referals

Think for a minute back to when you were a teenager in science class. You learned about Pavlov’s dog. If you remember, Pavlov taught his dog how to salivate. He did that by ringing a bell and setting out food over and over again. This repeated action taught the dog

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Do you put cookies under the tree for Santa? Well, you’d better because he’s delivering a special gift just for you this Christmas! What is this special gift, you ask? It’s a technique that has served him well for ages: the mv technique, or the mystery and value technique.

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October, 2016
Writing Tips

Here’s a short but juicy dig into writing engaging blog titles for your blogs or other writings on your coaching website. Remember, that if your titles don’t entice people to read, they they won’t click and discover the awesomeness that is you  So, pay close attention to this mystery element. Mitzi Bockmann

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September, 2016
get clients online giveaway

If you do nothing but work and can’t enjoy the benefits of owning a thriving business, what’s the point of it all? Working harder isn’t the answer. You must work smarter by using leverage. The good news is that Internet makes it so much easier these days, and it’s simple

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