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August, 2016
Make More Money Giveaway Event
make more money giveaway

The Make More Money Giveaway started on August 8th. Check out free business tools, templates and products to help you finally get things done in your business.  This is…

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June, 2016
List-Building Mistakes That Kill You Can Avoid
listbuilding for coaches

You know it’s important to build your list and grow your email list. People on your email list are the same people who are interested in what you do…

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5 Steps to Building Your Platform – Michael Hyatt
Book Review - Platform by Michael Hyatt

The real challenge in today’s market place is getting attention from your ideal clients.  You simply need to get noticed by your tribe, in order to build a thriving…

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Quick Tips on Updating Your WordPress Website
Coaching Website Tips

Some quick tips on updating / maintaining your WordPress website. You should batch things in your business like email all at once at say 2 spots in a day…

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Five Simple Steps to Magnetize People to Your Message & Build a Community

Oh the WONDERS of modern technology!! When your message can be heard around the world you have the ability to have an enormous impact and to create far reaching…

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May, 2016
How to Plan Your Coaching Website Project
Coaching Website Tips

You know your website project needs to get done. It’s long overdue and becoming a nagging thought in the back of your mind. Get your site done, get your…

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Done-For-You Giveaway – Free Products and Business Services
done for your giveaway

The 8th annual done-for-you giveaway of the century started on May 2, 2016. Kim Clausen and Linda Claire Puig put together this outrageous collaborative annual event as a give-back…

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How to write a professional bio for your business
marketing tips for coaches and consultants

Writing a professional bio for your business is particularly important for entrepreneurs.  But, it can be really difficult since most business owners don’t like to talk about themselves. Like…

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April, 2016
Flippin Feelings Fast
Flippin Feelings Fast with Dr. Deb Sandella

Welcome to another episode of IncredibleTalks with Mike Rafati! Have you ever wondered how you can change your feelings? To discover more, I interviewed Dr. Deborah Sandella. In this…

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March, 2016
2016 Social Media Image Sizes Guide
2016 SOCIAL Media image sizes

**Last updated on March 2016 Visual Content plays an important role in marketing; particularly inbound marketing. As a result, it is a necessity to use Images and Pictures on…

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